“There’s a Wealth of Data Hidden In Your Company’s Finances.



The Numbers Never Lie, But They Also Sing.



Let’s Listen…”


Business Consulting and Speaking

Grapeson consults and speaks to companies and organizations of all sizes, offering key insights into accounting data and business success.

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Personal Finance Course

Not to leave out individual finances, Grapeson offers an affordable Udemy course targeting taxes and personal finances. Ideal for anyone, and everyone.

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For the entrepreneur or seasoned executive, Grapeson’s clear, entertaining business book offers proven growth strategies for companies of any size.

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Glad You Stopped By…..

I’ve spent many years as a CPA, and indeed, still crunch the numbers in my Houston Accounting Service.

But honestly, my expertise is larger than ledgers and spreadsheets, especially when it comes to interpreting the numbers in a business-growth sense. I want to share what I know, and I’m pleased you’re here to see what that is. I promise not to waste your time.


- Grapeson Wilson

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